Nominations for the Conscious Company Award are now open!

As part of the Conscious Experience Convention, we will design a special Conscious Company Award: a prize for companies that encourage consciousness in the workplace. The award will be handed out during our business program on Friday November 23rd. Nominations are now open..


Burn-out based on stress at work has become increasingly common and the need to find a suitable life-work balance is recognised as being of keen interest to the next generation. It’s time for a conscious revolution. Not only in our private life, but also in our workplace. There is a steady stream of new research about the benefits of conscious methods like meditation, mindfulness, yoga and breathing practices. As research shows, they boost energy, help with focus, and reduce stress and anxiety.

We would like to reward Dutch companies and organizations that
- see the benefits of conscious methods in the workplace and encourage their employees to experience them;
- are environment-friendly.

Do you own or do you know the company or organization we are looking for? Then please fill in this form to send in your nomination.